mardi 12 avril 2011

Van.Gastrohëlm Kp. 1209 ?! Van.Gastrohëlm Kp. 1209 ?!

A fallen Deity O'deh Sun, worshiped by deh ancient folks Of Destro, Mt.  
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jeudi 24 mars 2011

Lt. Dunè & Fabrizio !? Lt. Dunè & Fabrizio !?

Neste dias demi-úmidos de Março, que se assemelham a um abismo de sal & profundeza, o hesitante mondocarlo apresenta, em uma nouveau série de artworks, o subaquático universo de Dunè & Fabrizio, gemini nascidos do hygros marinho. O casto laputiae Azul Fabrizio disputa com seu geminal fratello Dunè, oscilante laputiae Vermelho a posse do Neomphalus aureascitta, um itinerante gastrópode  que contém em si, além de uma profusão de humores & tentáculos, todo o tesouro áureo deste reino submerso. São estes os... [Lire la suite]
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samedi 16 octobre 2010

Nosprée?! Nospreé?!

Un rare, extraordinary Colchique nosprée, fragile citizen o'deh ruined P018. On deh verge of extinction after deh collapse o'its beloved homeland, deh  magnifique but fragile nosprée is forced to roam across the ruins of its once glorious city, a devastated wasteland scorched by a tragedy unknown. Unable to breath deh unholy and poisonous air o'october, composed of a dense atmosphere filled with machine fumes and unbearable pollution, the nosprée wears a gas-filtering mask, that became an object of worship and also the... [Lire la suite]
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lundi 2 août 2010

Jt. Regine?! Jt. Regine?!

A deity o'deh Sand, Jt. Regine is a fabulous, glorious monarch o'deh skyes. Soarin' through the wastelands, its body make the sound o'a flute, as the air pass through the cracks o'its shell. Enjoy!
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mardi 29 septembre 2009

chronicle! chronicle!

Featurin' ethereal, dusty figures who dream on in the chronicle of sand. Worshiped as deities of fortune and wealth, some see them as avatars of ruin, hoarse voices that speak only of ruin.Unaware of that, they float solemn over the wastelands, as the breath of a long-lost future. Whisperin' gentle words to those who dare approach them, are said to grant countless blessings. For those wicked of heart, tough, their gifts are twisted, and become nothin' but the most certain destruction. Enjoy!
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dimanche 20 septembre 2009


I've created my first album for this blog, available under the name "Dream Of the Sand"... It contains a series of artworks depicting a bizarre ilk of creatures, that were born from the encounter of polluted sand and seawater. They are the debris brought ashore by the sea of dreams, and with oil, dust and salt I've brought them to life. link: Enjoy!!
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vendredi 18 septembre 2009

mondocarlo! mondocarlo!

First entry for this blog; it's online and seems to be workin'... I'm Giancarlo Rizzi, an addict of the Ink that will post here, in the "mondocarlo", fragments of my art and my universe. To begin, here's my first piece o'artwork, an armless maiden born from the dream of the sand.
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